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Town Car Service and Airport Transportation Greenspoint, Texas 

Greenspoint, Texas is a downtown area away from the downtown area. It was developed in 1991 by the Exxon-owned Friendswood Development Company. It was meant to attract young professionals, though the area became crime-ridden for 16 years. In recent years, however, real estate owners and local authorities have managed to turn Greenspoint around into a more reputable locale. It has thriving industrial and retail operations as well as a variety of big corporations.

Because of Greenspoint’s proximity to Houston, you can visit many attractions. You can visit the Space center or one of many interesting museums. You can get closer to nature with a selection of trails and nature reserves. You can also visit saloons for that true Texas experience.

Cruise in Style and Safety

You can arrange with AAA Corporate Car and Limo to get picked up right at the airport. You will not have to wrangle with taxis or get confused by public transport. You can get comfortable right from the start of your visit to Greenspoint, Texas.

You can also avail of a variety of personalized tour packages. You can rent a town car that can seat four passengers for only $60.00 per hour. We can accommodate much bigger groups with our wide variety of cars. You can choose from a town car to a van, stretch limo, and even a mini bus for larger groups of people. You will get the same quality of service with whichever package you choose. Our chauffeurs are locals who can guide you through your tour. Also, you can choose where to go and when to go there. This is vastly different from other tour packages out there. With us, you have full control of your schedule, with the added bonus of siting back in a comfortable leather seat. You do not have to get shuttled around in an uncomfortable bus with tour guide who dictates your itinerary.

Get Hitched with Flair

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, we can make your wedding in Greenspoint or Houston a lot more memorable and pleasant for you. Many wedding days get marred by high stress and hectic schedules. When you rent our vehicles, we can make sure that you get pampered the way you should be on your wedding day. You can it back in the luxurious leather seats and simply think of getting married. Our chauffeurs are highly competent and can even help you with whatever you need on your wedding day.

Support a Local Business

AAA Corporate Car and Limo is a homegrown family business. It was founded in 1998 by Joe Khanoyan, and it has been in the same set of capable, hardworking hands since. We grew from having one car in service to having a fleet of cars our customers can choose from. We strive to make our business better, so you can expect top-notch service from us. Whenever you are in Greenspoint, Texas, be sure to call us to make your stay better and more memorable.

Zip codes served in Greenspoint, Texas: 77067, 77073, 77060